Meet Derek Pilecki I Financial Advisor

Hi, my name’s Derek Pilecki. I was given your name by Planswell when you filled out their financial questionnaire. They may have sent you a financial plan, and I’m here to help you analyze that plan and answer any questions you have.

I’m a financial advisor and I’ve been working with clients for about 20 years. Want to introduce myself and tell you how I work with my clients. I’m married and have two teenage daughters. We’ve lived in Tampa for about 20 years. My hobbies are home repair and golf, and really enjoy spending time with my family. I help my clients overcome their anxieties with investing. The stock market’s a scary place and it’s really easy to lose money, but I help clients work through ways to make money over the long term. We invest in solid companies and solid funds that they can own for many years and see their wealth grow over time. I talk to my clients about their spending rates and their savings rates, and we talk about how to give away their money to either their heirs or to charities. I really enjoy my clients. My youngest clients are in their late 20s, who have started saving, are very diligent, and then my oldest clients are well into their 80s and they’re spending their money in retirement and giving it away to their children.

I’d like to work with you, but first we need to have an introductory meeting to see if there’s a good fit between what you want and how I can help you. Generally, I’m a good coach for my clients and just giving them advice of how to navigate the stock market. So if you want to work with me, my contact information is attached to this email. Let’s set up a meeting and get to know each other.

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