The objective of the Gator Financial Fund is long-term capital appreciation.


To provide long-term capital growth with a short-term focus on capital preservation from investment opportunity on both the long and short sides of the portfolio


We employ a disciplined and consistent investment process across all portfolios.


Our reports highlight a combination of ignored micro caps, tossed away spin-offs, or businesses with underappreciated competitive advantages.


Gator Mutual Funds is located in Tampa, Florida.

Our investment managers and personal financial advisors methodically search for the right target and take action when the opportunity arises. We invest in stocks as if we were purchasing the underlying business itself.

Our funds are concentrated on our best ideas and with companies that have competitive advantages, attractive economics, and shareholder-friendly management. This results in low turnover and highly active shares. Our portfolio managers invest alongside our clients and have most of their net worth invested in the portfolios they manage.

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Mutual fund investing involves risk.  Such risk associated with the Gator Financial Fund as well as applicable investment objectives, charges and expenses must be considered carefully before investing.  This and other important information about the Gator Financial Fund  is found in the prospectus, a copy of which or current performance information may be obtained by visiting or by contacting Mutual Shareholder Services (“MSS”) toll free at (855) 270-2673.  We encourage you to read the  prospectus carefully before investing.   Arbor Court Capital, LLC (“ACC”) serves as the Distributor for the Fund, member FINRA.