Gator Financial Fund

Fund Goal

The Gator Financial Fund’s goal is to employ a concentrated small cap portfolio to achieve long-term returns in excess of the Russell 2000 Index.

Fund Objective

The objective of the Gator Financial Fund is long-term capital appreciation:

  1. More Potential for Growth

    Investments in the Fund will be in small and mid-sized company stocks because we believe they have better potential growth prospects.

  2. Stock Market is Less Efficient For Smaller Companies

    We believe the market for smaller company stocks is less efficient as companies have limited institutional research leverage and the universe of investors is smaller.

  3. Focus on High-Quality Businesses

    We focus on companies with high-quality businesses.  Attractive qualities include competitive advantages such as brand or market position, business models with attractive economics, and management teams that act as owners.

With the Fund’s concentrated portfolio of small company stocks, our goal is to meaningfully outperform the Fund’s benchmark, the Russell 2000 Index®. With the availability of low-cost exchange traded funds (or ETFs), it is quite easy and routine these days for investors to get exposure to virtually any segment of the stock market with minimal fees. For this and other reasons we agree with investors who would conclude there is little to no advantage of investing in a mutual fund that delivers returns similar to a benchmark.

We hope to differentiate the Gator Financial Fund by attempting to outperform its benchmark by a meaningful amount.  Of course, we can’t guarantee that the Fund will outperform, and there could be periods where the Fund could probably underperform.  However, over time, we hope we will be able to manage the Fund so it outperforms its benchmark and will make it a compelling investment compared to an ETF tracking the same benchmark.

Exceeding Expectations

Gator has maintained a consistent investment philosophy since inception:

We encourage you to read the prospectus carefully before investing.

Fund Facts as of 12/31/2018
Tickers GFFIX (Institutional)
CUISP 36803J101
Inception Date 4/24/2013
Total Net Assets $2.7 million
Total Holdings 30
Wtd. Avg. Market Cap $4.9 billion
Small Cap 86.0%
Med. Market Cap $2.9 billion
Mid Cap 10.4%


  • Derek Pilecki, CFA

    Managing Member and Portfolio Manager

    Founded Gator in 2008
    BA Duke University
    MBA University of Chicago

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