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Welcome to our blog. At Gator, we are dedicated to a research-oriented investment approach. To demonstrate our research integrated investment strategy, we would like to provide you some insight into our analytical stock selection process. As a reminder, the discussion of individual securities should not be construed as a recommendation to buy or sell such securities. Not all research is for securities currently held. Any securities for which research is provided herein may be reduced, completely closed out, or not purchased at all without notice of any kind.

  • Links to Posts from Old

    We had a blog from 2009 to 2011.  We want to provide links to some of our old posts:

    5/27/2009 = You Don't Want Berkshire to Pay Dividends

    10/20/2009 - Rebuttal to KBW's GSEs Are Worthless Analysis

    3/11/2011 - 10 Best Business Models in Financial Services


  • SLM Corporation Stock Investment Thesis

    We purchased SLM Corporation (“SLM”) this summer because it was trading at 10x 2017 estimated EPS and is growing its loan portfolio more than 20% annually. SLM is the renamed student loan company formerly known as Sallie Mae. The student loan industry has gone through significant … more

  • Capital One Investment Thesis

    Capital One stock is interesting because we believe it has the best combination of growth and value among the super-regional banks. With its mix of national lending platforms and online deposit gathering franchises, it is our opinion that Capital One has the best strategic positioning of super- … more